It’s your wedding day and it’s all about you today!  Let Eclipse Entertainment carry the load and take care of the burden so that you can focus on having fun on one of the most important days.  Our flexible approach to entertainment has proven time and time again that it’s not the venue nor the décor that you’ll remember…it’s the people that attend and the fun you have with them on your wedding day!


Our style of entertainment is elegant and fun, but without the circus act, and always suited to fit your expectations.  Our goal is to eliminate your worries and create a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.


When you hire us for your wedding, you’re getting the benefits of our Event Planning & Management experience together with our Master of Ceremonies & DJ Music Services all rolled into one – this is done to ensure that your entertainment timeline flows smoothly.  Developing your wedding reception program for your entertainment timeline can take in most cases up to three consultations, and they are all included in our service.  We take the time to prepare beforehand so that we can carry out the plan to your liking on the day of your event.  Here’s what you can expect from us prior to hiring us for your performance:

  1. The initial conversation can take place over the telephone or in person, and its primary goal is to understand your needs for the event and offer a fair price.  When pricing out an event there are several things we take into consideration that could affect the final price quoted such as location, travel, date of event (discounted rates for daytime and weekday events), staff needed to run the event (most weddings require at least two people to run smoothly) and discounts for booking multiple services (ie. Photography, Videography, Ceremonial Service, etc.) for the event.
  2. Our second consultation typically takes place 30-60 days before your event and is typically done in person – location for meeting can be determined by availability.  The purpose of this meeting is to review/make any changes to the entertainment plans and confirm that everything is on track as originally discussed (ie. Timeline for entertainment and wedding reception program).  Remember, on the date of your event, our DJ is the Master of Ceremonies and is typically the person in charge of executing the plan and keeps all other contractors (Maître d’, Head Waiter, Photographer, etc.) informed on what/when all things will happen.  This is where our preparedness and expertise in event planning /management could be to your advantage and it’s all a part of our service.
  3. The final meeting takes place 2-7 days before the event.  This is where we touch bases on final changes to the program details, you approve the agenda for that day, and we settle the balance for the services to be carried out.  For your convenience, we accept many different forms of payment including all major credit cards, and also offer “6-months no interest” through PayPal.


Please be sure to check out our FAQ’s page for general information about what you can expect from Eclipse Entertainment, and contact us to begin planning you big day and you will notice the difference from the start.


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